SMS Bomber Apk Latest 4.03.2 Download For Android [2020]

SMS Bomber Apk: This modern world has got some astonishing tech and gadgets to play with. When we first got the services for text SMS, it was pretty fun.

sms bomber

We used to chat and forward jokes. But with the advancement in technology, these chats were shifted to online messaging services like WhatsApp.

Even today, a lot of companies use SMS to advertise their products and services. Not only this, but lots of professional and commercial SMS are also sent every day. But what if you use these SMS to prank your friends? Recently I have shared best piano apps for Android.

Well, using the SMS bomber app, you can prank your friends via Short Messaging Services (SMS). Interesting, isn’t it? In this post, we will discuss in detail about the SMS bomber app, its features, and how to use it.

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What is SMS Bomber APk?

Basically, an SMS bomber app lets you send a bunch of messages to a specific phone number. All these messages are spam and are in no way of any use.

When one bombed receives a lot of messages continuously, he/she gets frustrated. In this way, you can have fun with your friends or cousins with ease:”)

sms bomber apk

Technically, an SMS bomber tries to register the provided phone number on websites. These sites send a text SMS on the provided phone number to confirm the account.

As the owner has not made any request for the registration, he/she gets irritated. Majority of the SMS bomber work in this way. A few have their own strategies for sending hundreds of messages.

The number of SMS to be sent can be selected for you. The servers won’t send any more messages as soon as you stop the service. These servers may or may not work from 12:00 A.M. to 5:00 A.M. as they need some regular maintenance. Make music on your mobile with the best music making apps.

The bomber that we are going to share with you is totally safe to use. No personal data is collected, either yours or of the receiver. These processes are totally anonymous.

Also, the app is pretty easy to handle. Thus, you need not to worry about anything while pranking your friends 😉 This SMS bomber app is developed by Udit Karode and is known as Uk SMS Bomber.

All the features mentioned in this post are applicable to this app only. Other apps available on the Internet may differ from this app. As this is the best SMS bombing app we have found till now, we are sharing it with our awesome readers 😉

App NameSMS Bomber
App Size4.0 MB
Required VersionAndroid 2.2+
Last Updated20, Feb 2018

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Features of SMS Bomber Apk

Now that you have learned about the SMS bomber app, let us have a look at what it has got to offer us. Here are some of the major features that you must know about:

download sms bomber

No Pop-ups or Ads- This app does not have any kind of advertisements or any annoying malware kind of stuff. Unlike other bomber applications, you won’t be irritated by pop-ups or ads. Thus, this app is user-friendly. Yet, the app uses a banner app to support the developer. I don’t think it would disturb you in any way.

No charges applied- The Uk SMS bomber app is totally free to use. You don’t need to pay a single penny to download and use this app. Majority of the features are free to use.

Internet Friendly- The app is totally internet friendly. Unlike YouTube and Instagram, it does not require higher data speeds. You can even use the app with 2G networks with lesser data speeds.

Safe and Secure to use- The app is completely safe to use. It does not collect any personal information, either yours or of the receiver. Also, the services are completely anonymous. Thus, nobody would ever know that you bombed them. Interesting, isn’t it?

Protect your Number- Well, this app has the feature to allow you to protect your numbers. Using this feature, nobody will be able to bomb you using this app.

Premium features- The premium features are available to use as well. These features include unlimited bombing, call bombing, international bombing, and custom SMS Bomber.

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How to Install SMS bomber apk on the Android phone?

Before proceeding, download the SMS bombing application by Udit Karode from given below link.


Step-by-step Tutorial Guide:

Follow all the steps carefully in order to avoid any trouble while installing the apk file.


Navigate to the folder where you have downloaded the apk file.

sms bomber apk


Tap on the apk file to start the installation.

sms bomber


You will see a pop-up on your screen with a warning: “Allow installation of apk files from unknown sources” with an option “Go to settings”.

sms bomber app


Tap on “Go to Settings”. Here, you will see the security settings and options.


Find the option of “Allow installation of apk files from unknown sources” and enable it by sliding on it from the right.

download sms bomber


Now that you have enabled it, tap on the back button until you get to the folder as you were on Step-1.


Again tap on the apk file. This time you will see an option to install the apk on the bottom right corner.

sms bomber latest


Tap on install and wait for a couple of moments until the apk gets successfully installed.


Voila! You have successfully installed the SMS bomber on your android phone:”)

How to Use SMS bomber apk?

sms bomber download

Now you have installed the apk on your phone, launch the app. There you will see an option to enter the phone number without +91. Here, enter the number you need to bomb and tap on “Start process”. That’s all you need to do. Simple, isn’t it?

The bombing process will stop after the limit exceeds. But the inbox of the receiver will be filled with a lot of SMS before that. In case you need to stop the process manually, tap on “Stop process”. Also, download blackmart apk.

-> Protect your own numbers

Well, you are not the only one who is into tech and stuff. Maybe one of your friends already knows about this app. To play safe, register your phone with the option of “Protect your number”. In this nobody will be able to bomb you using this apk.

Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial, you can see how to download the SMS bomber app on Android. In a case, if this video tutorial doesn’t work properly then simply drop a comment and after it, I will a new video tutorial.

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Final Verdict

Well, that was all about the SMS bomber apk and stuff. How did you like the app? How many friends got scared of these spam messages? Do let us know some of the funniest situations you created using this app.

Also, in case you need any help regarding the app, comment in the section box. And for more awesome content like this, keep following []:”)

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