10 Best Security Camera Apps For Android [Updated] 2020

Now turn your Android device into a home security camera with the top 10 best security camera apps for Android. If you are living in too much crime area then you should use these apps.

security camera apps

In a way, you can use your old Android phone as a security camera and you can use it anywhere whether it is a home, office, factory and any security or living area.

All people don’t have enough money to purchase any CCTV and IP cameras for their home security. Hence we are here to save your money and provide you the apps that help you to surveillance your child and pet in your house. I think these apps will wonder you when you download and install it on your Android device. Recently we have shared funny video apps.

10 Best Security Camera Apps For Android [Updated] 2020

Today we are going to share the top 10 best home security camera apps for your Android device. Now check out the following apps one by one in the list. Let get started without wasting your time.

1- Alfred

Alfred is one of the best security camera apps for Android on the Google Play Store. Also, you can use it as a CCTV to monitor your child and pet in your home. You can easily set it in 3 minutes.

security camera apps

Alfred has over 15 million families who have chosen it as a home security camera to secure their homes. It is a popular and highly rated security camera app for Android.

A 24/7 live stream can watch anytime anywhere wirelessly and supports 360 camera views that cover clearly a large area of your home. And also has a walkie talkie feature. Download this app from the play store and from the given above link. We have also shared wallpaper apps.

2- Cawice™

Cawice is one of the best HD live video streaming for home security in the list of best security apps for Android. It requires Android 4.4+ and it automatically pairing between both devices with Google.

home security camera apps

It also detects motion and sound with AI features while it is on CCTV recording. Cawice automatically turns on the flashlight and night filter. All of your data and live streaming will be safe in this app.

You can convert your Android device, touchpad, and tablet into a home security camera. Try it now free from given above link and google play store.

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3- Camy

Camy is one of the high-quality video streaming app which helps you to monitor your home, baby, and pet. Camy has the ability to connect webcam and IP cameras.

best security camera apps

In a case, you are able to read the functional features that make it a better app, the features are web version, Android TV, night mode, ability to zoom in and switch between front and rear camera.

You are able to watch the live streaming on your pc through the web address. Now simply see who is at your home whenever you far away from the home.

4- EyesPie

Protect your family with 24/7 live streaming of your home with fully secured and full privacy. It also works like a walkie talkie that means you can talk with the people who are to knock at your door.

home security camera apps for android

It has a web view option where you are able to connect multiple devices at once. The device which you want to use it as a  CCTV camera must have a hotspot option and an internet connection.

EyesPie has a Motion detection feature that is the most important function in any app. Do you want to know how to use this app then check its bio on the play store in which you can get every information. Also, download wallpaper apps for your smartphone.

5- Zuricate Video Surveillance

Do you want to surveillance something that you care about? Well, if the answer is yes then turn your older Android device into a video surveillance camera.

security camera apps free

Stream live video in HD, no subscription needed for HD stream. Zuricate is one of the app that gives you ad-free experience with no subscription. In a case, if we look at its features then no other app can compete it.

Zuricate is fully secured and fully-functional with zero cost. Once you download it and any problem occurs then contact its developer. Download it free from given below link.

6- MotionEye App

MotionEye App is one of the easy to free and eco-friendly app for the users who want to surveillance on their homes. No need to invest in the CCTV cameras hence this app is made for the people who have not too much budget.

free security camera apps

Light Weight size of this app makes it truly a surveillance camera app. MotionEye app is an open-source security camera app for smartphone users.

Stay tuned to get its latest updates officially on your Android device. Download the MotionEye App from the given above link.

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7- Manything

With Manything camera surveillance app you can protect your family and the place where you want to surveillance. Watch live CCTV recording and footage from anywhere on your mobile screen.

download security camera apps

Manyting allow its users to download and share any footage in HD with easy steps. Its developer has been made a list of the cameras that compatible with Manything so you can go through the list.

It has many subscriptions for its users to get a better experience than the free period. Its developer updates this app regularly so you’ll not get any issues.

8- AtHome Camera

AtHome Camera app will give you an animated GIF notification when it detects human in the video. Do you want to invest too much money on CCTV cameras for your home? Well, if yes then no need to invest a lot.

best security camera apps for android

AtHome Camera helps you to make your older and spare mobile as a surveillance camera without any money. You can talk with pets and people in this app are called two-way talk.

Its setup process is very easy so you will see the setup guide after you install it on your Android device. It has heavyweight in size that its con.

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9- BabyFree – Wifi Baby Camera

For your baby, it is one of the best security camera apps for Android devices. Now you can surveillance on your baby anywhere from your mobile phone.

security camera apps

Every time you can’t live with your child and if your child is alone at home then this app is perfect for you. It has three levels of crying alarm mode with audio and video monitoring features.

It scans your device’s wireless connection and pain in both devices automatically. If you have a baby then quickly download this app from the given above link.

10- GrusHome

GrusHome converts your Android phone into a Wi-Fi-connected security camera. GrusHome specially made to save its users money that its users want to spend on CCTV cameras.

security camera apps

It has a lot of key features that are live video streaming, easy setup, motion detection, two-way audio, camera sharing, HD video, scene mode, scheduled recording, timeline playback, cloud storage, secure and private.

It automatically sends you an alert when it detects any motion in the streaming. And this one is the last app in the list of best security camera apps for Android.

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Wrapping Up

We hope you’ve successfully downloaded any app from the list of best security camera apps for Android. Now surveillance on your home, office and anywhere you want. If you are confused to choose any app then tell us we recommend an app that could suitable for your device.

Give us a review and tell us any negativity about this post, so we could make it better than before. If you facing any problem in the following apps then tell us, we will help you as soon as possible. Give a like on this post and share it on your social media accounts.

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