How to Record WhatsApp Calls on Android and iPhone? 

Are you looking for how to record WhatsApp calls on Android and iPhone? If yes then you at the right place. After being acquired by Facebook, we have seen a lot of astonishing changes in WhatsApp messenger app. The ability to put daily updates via stories, the advanced media sharing and the option to unsent messages has made the app much better to use.

record whatsapp calls

My favorite features are the WhatsApp Voice and Video Calls. Ever thought of recording WhatsApp Calls on your Android phone or iPhone?Well, there is ‘n’ number of reasons why you need to record a WhatsApp call. Recently I have shared, how to hide apps on android?

It may be because you love to older calls to recollect what you talked. Let it be your friend, relative, colleague, boss, mom, dad or even your girlfriend, you would love recording all the calls. This could be because they have something important to tell you or anything else. Call Recording would definitely help you in a lot of situations :’)

How to Record WhatsApp Calls?

The free WhatsApp calling has revolutionized how we used to communicate on calls. If you a have a data connection with pretty good enough speed, you can call anyone across the globe within a couple of moments. Without any limit or any other restriction, you can talk as long as you wish to. Pretty great, isn’t it?

record whatsapp call

Unfortunately, WhatsApp has not yet added an option to record WhatsApp calls, neither for the Android devices nor the iPhones. Still, you want to record calls on WhatsApp. Well, you need not worry regarding this. With the help of some pretty simple tweaks, you can record WhatsApp calls with ease. Want to know how? You probably would!

The method to record calls on Android and iPhones are different. If you are an Android user, continue with the post and if you are an iPhone user, skip to the next section 🙂

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Record WhatsApp Calls on Android devices

The number of Android users has grown a lot in as past few years. The first application that almost everyone using an Android phone installs on their phone is “WhatsApp’. Being such a popular app among Android users, they should use it to the fullest. Want to know how? Well, one such thing is recording the WhatsApp Calls.

record whatsapp calls


For recording the WhatsApp calls on Android phones, you just need a third-party recorder app. There are a lot of apps available on Google Play Store that will help you in recording the WhatsApp calls. The amazing thing for Android users is that you need the root access to record these calls. Here is a guide to remove system apps.

Though the market is filled with a lot of such apps, we have selected some best applications for your use:

1- Messenger Call Recorder app

The Messenger Call recorder is pretty easy to use. The app has the ability to record all the WhatsApp calls automatically, once you grant all the permissions to the app. Thus, next time when you make a call this app will be there for recording the entire call. Also, you can share the recordings directly from this app on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Gmail, Facebook, etc.

First of all, download the app from here and install it. Now launch the app and you will be asked to grant permission for accessibility. So tap on “Enable Now” to navigate to accessibility settings. Tap on “Messenger Call Recorder” and turn it on. Simple, isn’t it?

To view the recorded calls, open the app and you will find all the recorded calls right there.

2- Cube Call Recorder ACR

Another app that you can try for recording the calls on WhatsApp is Cube Call Recorder app. This app has the ability to record all kinds of VoIP calls. Thus, you can not only record calls from WhatsApp but also record calls from other apps like Skype, Facebook’s Messenger, IMO, Viber, etc.

The Cube Call Recorder app is pretty simple to use. Just download and install it from the Google Play Store and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the app. Once done, you can record the calls on WhatsApp with ease by tapping the mic icon present at the bottom of the screen. If you want to stop recording, tap on the same icon again.

Well, those were just two most recommended apps to record calls on WhatsApp. There are tons of more apps on the Play Store. If you don’t like one of these, you can always give a try to other apps :’)

Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhones

Unfortunately, there are no practical apps available on Apple’s App Store to record WhatsApp calls. However, we have an alternative method for recording WhatsApp calls on iPhones. Have a look at that in this section.

record whatsapp call

For recording calls with this method, you need to jailbreak your iPhone. If you don’t want to jailbreak the iPhone, there’s no other practical method for recording WhatsApp calls yet. Play ludo games free with friends.

Once the iPhone gets a jailbreak, follow the steps mentioned below carefully to avoid any trouble in the procedure:


Download the Cydia app (an alternative to App Store for “jailbroken” iOS devices) from here.


Install the app on your iPhone by tapping on the downloaded package.


Now search for the Watusi app in the BigBoss Repo (the best repo for iPhone). Do note that Watusi is a paid app. Thus, you need to spend a few bucks as well.


After the app gets installed on your device, open the WhatsApp Messenger app.


Navigate to the “Settings” of WhatsApp and you will see a new option has been added to the list: the “Watusi Preferences”.


From that menu, tap on the “Record Call” option and enable it.


Now you can test this feature by making a random call to any of your friend. The recorded calls will be available from the “Recent Panels” button.

Well, that’s it for the WhatsApp Call Recording on iPhones. Although the process is not much complicated, it has two major cons:


You need to jailbreak your iPhone.


The Watsui app is a paid app, so you need to spend some bucks.

These are the reasons why the majority of the people don’t prefer recording WhatsApp calls. Well, if you are desperate about recording the calls or want to experiment at least once, you can always try recording the calls on WhatsApp with this method. Download SMS Bomber apk to send a lot of free prank messages.

Final Verdict

Recording WhatsApp calls could be pretty useful and fun. Though the method for Android devices is pretty easy the method for iPhone is worse than ever. Why do you want to record the calls? Feel free to drop your suggestions, feedback, and queries in the comment box below. We will try to respond you as soon as possible :’)

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