Top 10 Best Driving Apps For Android to Drive Safe

Driving Apps for Android: Are you a travel lover or every day goes somewhere? Well, if the answer is yes then you are at the right place. Today I am gonna share an awesome guide for you, which you’ll like?

driving apps for android

Everyday driving is becoming difficult that is why because the traffic becoming increasing. And in this condition driving is not easy and safe so looking at the condition we are representing the top 10 best driving apps for Android to make driving easy and safe.

Nothing above from our safety so these apps have been made keeping safety. With these apps, your driving makes easier than before. So now you have to check the below paragraph. Recently we have shared bill reminder apps.

Top 10 Best Driving Apps For Android

A lot of driving apps available on the play store but we have found a list of some great driving apps which will help you in your driving experience. Maybe you tried any app for navigation and other purposes.

In the list, we mentioned all types of driving apps like, GPS, navigation and live traffic checker. A lot of apps we listed below in this guide, so let’s move to the apps.

1- Android Auto

Android Auto is one of the smart and best driving apps for Android users to drive safely. It is developed by Google and entertains you with google assistant. Get realtime updates on your route and hazards.

driving apps for android

Also, get real-time GPS navigation and destination easily and make calls with Google assistant and answer the incoming call with a single tap. Make sure you have an active internet connection to run this app.

To run this app on your Android phone you should at least 5.0 Android version on your device. It is a popular app that supported by 400+ car models. It has over 100 million+ downloads with 4.1 rating points. We have also shared night vision camera apps.

2- Drivermode

Drivermode is another popular app that makes your driving safe.  You can set Do Not Disturb mode manually and automatically in Drivermode application.

best driving apps

The music player which you use most overlays on the top of navigation bar in Drivermode. Also, you can set up auto-replies for text messages. It has an option where you can check your all-time driving history.

In a case, you can upgrade your car into a smarter car with the help of Drivermode application. It is made for safe driving purposes. Download it free from given above link or play store.

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3- Google Assistant

Google Assistant also works as a driving app on Android to drive safely on the highways and in the crowd area. Ask Google Assistant to Find shops and restaurants nearby you.

best driving apps for android

Watch schedules and live sports scores on your Assistant home screen. We think all Android phones have pre-installed Google Assistant so you don’t need to download. Get the latest updates on weather, news, live sports scores, movies, and events.

You can’t expect how much it loves by users. Google has over billions of Android users who downloaded it on their smartphones. If you want to download this app then click on given below link that will redirect you to play store.

4- HERE WeGo

Here WeGo is another free best driving apps for Android to navigate location. Also, it gives you a facility whenever you are in a very hurry then you can book a taxi in just a single tap.

safe driving apps

It is effortless and easy to navigate directions for journey app that help you to drive safe and easy. Before you go everywhere search for your route and then start your journey.

Here WeGo has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store and 4.3 rating points. It requires Android 5.0 version to run on Android device. It doesn’t require any rooted Android device. Also, download funny video apps for Android.

5- Maps

Maps is another best driving apps for Android to navigate for routes and journey. In India the cab services like ola and uber uses this map app which developed by Google.

car driving apps

In this app, you can view street view and city view in a way. Over 220 territories and countries mapped in this app. And also millions places and businesses on the map.

An awesome feature about this ap is that you can view real-time traffic condition on your targeted route and able to check the speed of vehicle in which you travel.

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6- Waze

Waze is one of the most loving driving apps for Android and it provides live navigation on your mobile screen. Waze keeps a list and tell the toll charges on your route.

free driving apps for android

As we pay too much for gas, now waze find cheapest gas filling stations alongs you. In a case you can use Waze to your car display to drive with auto Android.

As we see in other apps we didn’t have any option to change guide voice but in the Waze you are able to choose a voice that guide while you drive. It alerts you about hazards, traffic and police on your route. Download Waze app free from given above link or Google Play Store.

7- Easy Auto

Easy Auto is another best driving app which makes your driving easy and safe. It let’s provide you all of your important settings during you drive your vehicle.

best driving apps

It is comfortable, easy to use and user-friendly driving app for smartphone. In this app, you are able to find the last location of your car and easy to connect your mobile to car speakers.

When you select navigator then it access to google maps and a lot of extra options available in this app to customize background widgets and homescreen. Download Easy Auto app from given above link or Google Play Store.

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8- Tom Tom

Tom is one of the fantastic app that helps to drive on new roads in more than 150 countries. It has a lot of features and reasons to choose it as a better driving app for your Android device.

driving apps for android

It has realtime traffic information tool which let’s you to drive through low traffic area roads. It saves your mobile battery consumptions and also saves your mobile data.

One thing is best in this app which you can download maps from over 150 countries and able to see the downloaded maps while you offline. It is not compatible with all of the Android. It has over 10 million downloads with 4.1 rating points. Download this app from given above link which redirect you to the Google Play Store.

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9- Multi Stop

Multi Stop is one of the best route planner app for Android users. It finds shortest routes for you and provides live traffic data to you. In this app, route optimization is available for up to 120 stops.

driving apps for android

Now plan your route with the multiple stops, Multi Stop app provides only 10 stops in its free version. In this best driving apps list Multi Stop is one of the app which has highest rating points.

If you want to purchase its premium version then pay minimum 6$ to get more features. It has over 100 thousand downloads with 4.5 rating points. Download the Multi Stop Route Planner app free from given above link or Google Play Store.

10- Driving Route Finder

Do you want to travel or going somewhere? Well, if the answer is yes then you should download this app. It has different map styles and travel modes.

car driving apps for android

In this app, you can save your favorite places where you want to travel. Driving Route founder is the last app in our list of best driving apps for Android. It is most loving app with a lot of awesome features.

It has over 1 million downloads with 4.4 Rating points. It doesn’t require any rooted Android phone. To download this app you should click on the given above link.

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Rounding Up

We hope you have successfully downloaded any driving apps for Android from the given above list. If we have missed any best driving app in this article then suggest us in a comment, We’ll try to add it in this post.

If you like this guide then share it with your friends through the social media buttons that you seeing in the left side of post. Give us a review on this post and if you facing any problem regarding this post then comment us below. We will try to respond you as soon as possible.

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