10 Best Spy Apps For Android [Latest] 2020

Do you want to spy someone’s mobile phone? Well, if the answer is yes then you are in the right place. These best spy apps for Android help you to track your own mobile, your child’s mobile and your girlfriend’s smartphone. You can spy all of the activities which they do on their mobiles.

best spy apps for android

These best spy apps for Android are undetectable and free to use. Everybody uses it for different purposes like GPS location, WhatsApp chats, Online data, keylogger, and other social media data.

Android phone is not much expensive, so people purchase an Android phone for their children. their parents don’t know what their child’s doing on their smartphone. In this condition, they can spy their child’s mobile phone with these spy apps. recently I have shared ludo games.

10 Best Spy Apps For Android

Today I am going to share the top 10 best spy apps for Android mobiles. Recently, we have tried these apps and after that, we mentioned these apps on this list. All these apps are trusted and safe for use.

So you can check these apps and download them for your smartphone. Some apps are also available for iOS users, so if you are one of the iOS users then you must check out this list. Now we go-ahead to the best spy apps for Android and iOS.

1- Cerberus

Cerberus is a phone tracker app available for Android Users. Whenever you have installed a Cerberus application on your Android and then if your mobile gets stolen. Then you are able to track your smartphone via Cerberus apk.

best spy apps for android

In a case, you can use the Cerberus app to track anybody’s mobile phone whether that’s your child, girlfriend mobile. I think Cerberus is one of the best phone tracker app available on the search engine.

One more good thing about Cerberus is that you can download it from the given above link which redirects you to its official site. From where you can download it. We have also shared background remover apps.


XNSPY is a remote control app which allows their users to fetch information of any device. It provides you call logs, SMS, Emails, WhatsApp and Facebook information of a device that you want to fetch.

free spy apps for android

Also, you can control the GPS location of the target device via XNSPY. All of the fetching details uploads to your official XNSPY web account. XNSPY is a user-friendly app with a lot of pros and cons.

If you download this app then you get 24/7 support from the XNSPY community. Sadly, it has one con that it doesn’t provide you a free trial. It supports a few mobiles in a comparison with Cerberus.

3- FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor is one of the undetectable monitoring app available for both Android & iOS users. It doesn’t require any root & jailbreak access. In simple words, you can run this app on your non-rooted device without any root access.

free spy app for android undetectable

If you quite doubt your child then target your child’s mobile via FoneMonitor. FoneMonitor detects your child’s text messages and WhatsApp Messages. Not only messages it detects media files also without telling your child.

The tracking device owner never knows about that tracking because FoneMonitor works silently on the targeted device. It is light-weight and easy to use the app.

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mSpy has loaded with a lot of features that make it a better app for parenting. What kind of information do you like to get from the target device? Well, whatever it may be.

best hidden spy apps for android

You are able to access WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook information. Also, you can see keyboard typing on the device that you target, this feature is known as keylogger feature.

Want to access contacts of the target device? Well, if yes then you are able to access it. mSpy has few cons that are, you’re not able to activate call recording and secret camera. It is also compatible with both Android and iOS.

5- Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is a cell phone tracker app for Android phones. With Hoverwatch you can record SMS, contacts, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other internet activities.

free android spy download

Another great thing is that it is available for Android, Windows, Mac, and Os. You can watch the activities and recorded data like calls and SMS of a target device via your online account. It is completely invisible to the target device.

In a case. you can track and view the location of a target device. This one feature is known as the Geolocation feature. You can download it from the given above link and also it is available on its official Hoverwatch website. Also, download money earning apps.

6- TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is known as the world’s most powerful mobile spy app and software. Its features make it the most powerful spy app. If you want to get the information about your children what they doing then TheTruthSpy app is perfect for you.

best spy apps for android

This means it is the best app for parental control. If your mobile gets stolen then you are able to track its GPS location with this application. Also, in a case, you can use this app to backup and restore your data from your online TheTruthSpy app.

Everybody can’t understand this app without any knowledge. Don’t worry about that you can understand this app from their official website. Download this undetectable app from the given above link.

7- Mobile-Spy

Mobile-Spy app gives you access to monitor your child’s and employees’ Mobile usage and other information in a way. You are able to monitor call details, SMS, Social media, and GPS location of a victim’s mobile phone.

best spy apps for android

If you want to get a demo then go to its official website and try an online demo of Mobile-Spy. You can view the live screen with a live panel. Mobile-Spy app also provides you a guide to understanding this app.

Also, it has a real-time feature in which you can see the live location of the target device. Now its latest version is 7.0 for Android users. You have to pay some money to purchase it from its official website.

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8- Prey Anti Theft

Prey Anti Theft is one of the oldest cell phone tracker app for Android, Windows, Ubuntu, Chromebooks, iOS, and Mac. It has over 10 years of experience to find a lost mobile location in just a few minutes.

download spy apps for android

It works silently in the background of the victim mobile phone. Also, you can see the location history of the target device. If you want to manage and watch the activities then open its official website where you can get details.

Download this app from google play store and from given above link. Its developer provides you updates on a regular basis. Prey Anti Theft is available free for you. Also, download compass apps.

9- SpyHuman

SpyHuman is another free spy app for Android users that allow you to spy SMS, WhatsApp chats, Keyboard typing, and online data of the target device.  It doesn’t require any rooted mobile means you can use it without any root access.

spy apps

Especially, you can use it to monitor your underage child mobile in a few minutes. Even if you haven’t its premium subscription then it allows you to use its 2 days trial for free. SpyHuman community provides you 24/7 technical support.

10- Spyic

Spyic is the last and free spy app in the list of best spy apps for Android. It is the trusted and secure monitoring app available for Android and iOS users. It doesn’t require any jailbreak or root access. Now track, calls, SMS, and all social apps of a device.

best spy apps for Android

Spyic is fully compatible with both Android and iOS. Control all the activities and remotely monitor the activities. You can easily track the GPS location of the target device.

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Rounding Up

We hope you like these Best Spy Apps For Android”. Tell us which app you have downloaded from the above list. Guys, avoid missing your mobile with these spy apps.

These apps are latest and updated and you can use these apps for various purposes. Don’t forget to give a review and comment on these apps. Well, if you facing any problem and any queries regarding these apps then drop us a comment below in this post. Follow [Geekveno.com] to get the latest updates.

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