10 Best Piano Apps for Android [Latest] 2020

Are you looking for the best piano apps? Well, if yes then you are at right place. Playing an instrument like Piano relaxes your body and mind.

best piano apps

No matter if you play Piano as a hobby or it’s your passion, the instrument is expensive. Buying a Piano is not everyone’s cup of tea. But only because you can’t afford a Piano, don’t lose hope.

With the development of technology, we have got a useful and astonishing device known as a “Smartphone”. Just install an app of Piano and go on playing for hours.

A huge number of pretty awesome Piano apps are available on Google Play Store. These apps are practical and it could be great for you to learn to play Piano. Let us have a look at the 10 best Piano apps for Android smartphones that you should definitely give a try. Recently I have shared FL Studio Mobile Apk.

10 Best Piano Apps for Android

Note: The Piano apps mentioned in the list are not in the order of preferences. They are just the best ones that are worth providing your precious time:”)

1- Perfect Piano

The Perfect Piano app is one of the finest apps for playing Piano for Android smartphones. Specially designed for Android users, it has an 88 key piano board. This app offers you four major modes: Chords mode, Two-play mode, Single row mode, and the Dual row mode.

best piano apps

There are sound plugins available for the app that can be easily downloaded from Play Store. The support for USB midi keyboard, preloaded piano lessons and multiple touch support that makes it a “Perfect app for Piano”.

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2- Pianist HD: Piano+

This is one of the most effortlessly played piano keyboard apps for Android users. It has the ability to record the tunes and share with friends as well. With 128 musical MIDI instruments, it has around 12 studio quality sample voice.

piano apps for android

This app has 6 modes in total: the Practice, the Performs, the Double mirror, the Double classic, the Sheet music, and the Triple. It has the support for connection to a digital piano via USB OTG. With over 60+ supported languages, this could be an astonishing choice for playing Piano. We have also shared the best ludo games.

3- Piano Melody Free

Piano Melody is another great Piano app available on the Google Play Store for free. This app comes preloaded with 100+ songs to learn to play Piano with ease for different genres. Also, it has the ability to customize the speed of tune and size of the keyboard.

free piano apps

You just need to press the media button for selecting a song that you wish to learn. With the songs being preloaded, this app feels like a game for smartphones and tablets too.

4- Piano Free- Keyboard with Magic Tiles Music Games

This Piano app is available in two versions: the free and the premium one. It can become a full piano keyboard for you with 88 keys to play with. The ability to record your tunes and share it with the friends makes the app more user-friendly.

best piano apps

There are a total of nine different piano keyboards to choose from viz., the piano keyboard, Organ, Harpsichord, Grand Piano, Electric Guitar, Accordion, Cello Pizzicato, Harp and the Vintage piano. The premium version has all the songs unblocked with two keyboards to choose from Viz. Single or Dual.

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5- Piano Teacher

Piano Teacher is one of the best Piano apps available to use on Google Play Store. With full seven octaves and lessons, this app proves to be a pretty good teacher. The app supports around 12 languages to provide you better user-experience in your favorite language.

best piano apps

It has a total of 7 piano skins to choose from. Also, it has an option to record and share your tunes on social media platforms. The premium version of this app will offer you a lot more than the free one.

6- Magic Piano

The Magic Piano app lets you become a professional Piano player effortlessly. This is one of the best piano apps with multi-touch support. It has a total of 6 full octaves keys and the notes keys as well. It supports around 12 languages.

piano apps

The app has got sour instruments with the magic key. With different languages and support for note velocity, this app could be a perfect teacher for you. Just like other apps, this also has the feature to record and share the tunes. Also, download the best music making apps for Android.

7- Best Piano Lessons

This one is simple to use the Piano app for Android users. With support for English and Polish, it lets you learn Piano from astonishing lessons. It has support for the multi-touch keyboard. You can easily set the Piano keys from 8 to 12, based on your preferences.

free piano apps

Using the arrows, it is pretty simple to move the keyboard as per your desires. Just like the other Piano apps, you have the option to record and send the Piano tunes.

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8- Accordion Piano

As the name suggests, this app is completely developed for the Accordion Piano. This one is a high definition app with some amazing sound effects. With 5 switches preloaded, you have the option to put pressure on both the keys and the basses.

top piano apps

The app lets you adjust the height and the width of the keyboard and keys, making it simpler to use the app. With the simple interface and recording feature, this Accordion Piano could be the best one of its category.

9- Blue Piano

The Blue Piano app is developed by keeping children of 6-12 years in mind. It lets them explore various kinds of sounds with musical skills. This app offers you with different musical instruments such as Drum, Flute, Xylophone, Piano, Organ and what not.

android piano apps

This app provides the multi-touch support that lets the children develop excellent skills. The app works amazingly with the majority of the screen resolutions for different smartphones and tablets. Also, download SMS Bomber Apk.

10- Little Piano

The Little Piano app turns your phone’s screen into a 17 keys piano keyboard. The app is preloaded with a lot of popular songs to learn from. The app offers you nine different instruments: piano, accordion, trumpet, violin, guitar, vibraphone, bells, choir, and percussion.

top best piano apps

The app has got around 70 tracks to learn from. This can be one of the best apps for aged people to learn playing the Piano.

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Final Verdict

Pianos are expensive to buy. But why to buy one when you can learn for free? Well, the best piano apps mentioned in the list are pretty awesome for learning basics of Piano. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and install one of the piano apps on your Android smartphone.

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