10 Best Music Making Apps For Android And iOS 2020

Do you know you can make music on your Android device with the best music making apps? Everyone these days is busier than before and so are the artists.

Nowadays you have a lot to do other than just recording and releasing tracks like social media updates, research, mails, client calls, and whatnot. Being an artist, you should constantly create melodious music. best music making apps

If you don’t release tracks constantly, there are high chances of losing your fan base. Though it is important to interact with your fans, organize and perform in concerts but you should focus on creating perfectly-executed and melodious tunes and tracks to amaze the audience. Recently I have shared the best compass apps.

The real hustle is to find time for such great tacks and tunes. Well, that’s where you can use your smartphone like a pro. Though a PC or Laptop could help you a lot, the smartphones are not more or less.

We have got 10 astonishing best music making apps for Android and iOS phones. Do you want to learn the piano? Well, if yes then try the best piano apps. Now we go-ahead to the list of the best music making apps.

10 Best Music Making Apps for Android and iOS

1- GarageBand (Free)

When it comes to creating music, GarageBand is the app you should look for. It is one of the oldest and the most used app for creating amazing music. This app has been on top since its launch. Thousands of musicians use this app on a regular basis. And with the migration from the computer to the smartphone, GarageBand has followed the trend as well.

best music making apps

The GarageBand app was initially introduced for Mac. If you have ever used the app on Mac, give it a try on your smartphone as well and keep the production on :’)

Check out the GarageBand app for iOS devices from here.

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2- Animoog (Paid)

From one of the popular brands in the music industry Moog, the Animoog app could be the thing you are looking for. Moog has always described their app as “First Professional Synthesizer” for the iOS devices. If you have ever used a product from Moog, this app won’t be any surprise for you.

best music making apps

With some astonishing features pre-loaded, you can create some mesmerizing music. As you have used the apps from Moog before, the interface won’t be much new for you. With all being said, you can think of spending $6 with ease. Here are some best ludo games available for Android.

Check out the Animoog app for iOS devices from here.

3- Korg Kaossilator (Paid)

The Korg Kaossilator app is one of the most innovative apps for creating music in the market. The app offers you the ability to play a wide variety of sounds by tapping, stroking and rubbing the XY’. You can even be a virtual life DJ by making musical finger paintings in loops. The app has some cool visual effects features that totally sync with the performance.

best music making apps

Though you won’t any major flaw with the app, some users on iTunes had got complains. While being in a live concert, it becomes hard to hit consistently on a pitch or note. Apart from that, the app is a great choice for Android and iOS users.

Check out the Korg Kaossilator app for Android and iOS devices.

4- Casio Chordana Composer (Paid)

Are you dreaming to be a famous songwriter? Well, this app has proved to be an amazing choice for young songwriters. There are three starter notes available within the app. Enter the two-bar riff and the app will help you to generate some ideas for starting effectively.

best music making apps

The app has the ability to choose the genre, emotional tension, a range of melody and what not to understand the lyrics better. Thereafter, the app will generate a complete song for you. You can then edit it as per your wish.

Check out Casio Chordana Composer app for Android and iOS devices.

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5- Chord

The app Chord app is a kind of encyclopedia of chords, specifically built for piano and guitar players. This app can help you in building a chord in any inversion.

best music making apps

The app has the ability to strumming on the screen to understand better what’s being played. The app has got a plethora of features to offer you. Thus, it might be a bit of hustle for young players while using it.

Check out the Chord app for Android and iOS devices.

6- Fruity Loops Studio (Paid)

The FL Studio or popularly known as the Fruity Loops Studio is one of the most popular digital workstations for DJ and hip-hop music producers. As compared to other apps, it has more advanced features.

music making apps

The high-quality synthesizers and samples, the advanced FX panel along with the compressors, filters, etc. make it an amazing choice for professional music producers.

Check out the Fruity Loops Studio app for Android and iOS devices.

7- Beatwave (Free)

The Beatwave app, as the name suggests is one of the most-used apps for making astonishing beats. Choose from the sets of sounds and start drawing the patterns within the grids.

music making apps

The app is not meant for the newbies; instead, it is an advanced app. The app lets you mimic a multi-track recording with the help of a wide variety of effects and multiple grids.

Check out the Fruity Loops Studio app for iOS devices. Unfortunately, the app is not available for Android users.

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8- Easy Voice Recorder (Free)

As far as I know, a lot of Android devices do not come with an advanced app for recording music. Instead, they either have a basic recorder or no recorder at all. Thus, the Easy Voice Recorder app would be pretty helpful for you.

best music making app

You can record in high-quality formats like MP4 and PCM. The app also has an option to directly record and set the clip as your ringtone.

Check out the Easy Voice Recorder for Android devices.

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9- Voice Recorder and Audio Recorder (Free)

This app is built for both, the young and the professional users. It could be an amazing alternative for the in-built Voice Memo app. The interface of the app is similar to that of a Cassette. The recording appears like a cassette being recorded for a tape.

best music making app

The app offers you a wide variety of formats to save files. As each recording requires a lot of space, don’t forget to keep the space empty.

Check out the voice recorder app iOS devices.

10- Figure

The figure is another great app for making beats and bleeps, specifically built for the iOS device. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, you will definitely love this app.

best music making apps

The interface and controls are pretty user-friendly. The app offers you the ability to tune the creations and tweak the tempo to any different BPM. Prank your friends with SMS Bomber Apk.

Check out the Figure for iOS devices.

Final Verdict

Phew… That was a pretty long list of best music making apps for Android and iOS that you should definitely give a try. These smartphone apps will definitely save your time and energy in creating some mesmerizing music. Which best music making apps out of these are you going to use? Do let us know in the comment box below :’)

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