10 Best Ludo Games For Android [Updated] 2020

Ludo is one of the most loved games from our childhood. The kids from 90s used to play this game with their friends and siblings all day. Being popular among teens, these best ludo games is now trending on Android smartphones. People are going crazy with the minimalist interface and cool gameplay.

best ludo games

Not only kids, even adults and aged guys go beyond limits while playing Ludo. Instead of holding the Ludo board and finding those tokens and dice, you can now play Ludo with ease. The game helps you in being competitive, relaxed and maintain problem-solving skills. Recently I have shared, FL studio mobile apk.

Being addictive and attractive, playing best Ludo games on Android phones should be amazing. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of 10 best Ludo games for Android smartphones to look for in 2020.

10 Best Ludo Games for Android

Note: This is just a compilation of best Ludo games for Android smartphones. They are not in the order of preferences. With that being noted, let us quickly move to the list:”)

1- Ludo King

Ludo king is one of the most popular and most downloaded Ludo game apps available on Google Play Store. This app offers you the ability to play on different devices such as Android, IOS, and Desktops as well.

ludo games for android

Even if you have nobody to play, you can play on the computer. Strangely, it doesn’t end here. This app has the support for local and online multiplayer as well.

Apart from playing Ludo, you have the option to play “Snakes and Ladders” too. Thus, it can recreate your memories of playing such interesting games from childhood right onto your phone. Interesting, isn’t it? We have also shared clock widgets.

2-  Ludo Classic

Ludo Classic is another great app for playing Ludo. The interface of Ludo Classic offers you a feel of playing Ludo on a 3D board. We get options to customize the dice, tokens and the board as well.

free ludo games

Also, you can tweak dice throwing styles, token moving speeds, and a lot more. The pause and resume could be an astonishing add-on for the gameplay.

This option lets you stop the game and resume it later with no hustle. In this way, you don’t have to worry about the previous gameplay being lost. Apart from this, you can join the game friends online from Facebook, etc.

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3-  Parchisi Star

The Parchisi star has become popular in the past few months among millions of Ludo fans. With the option of playing with two or four friends, online and offline as well, you can enjoy it to the fullest.

ludo games free

Choose your favorite game mode like classic, quick and master and compete with an open mindset. This game has the ability to let you create groups, set your own rules and choose the private tables to play.

Also, you can live chats with your friends using expressive emojis. This makes the Parchisi Star app much interesting than the others. Also, check SMS bomber apk.

4- Ludo Bing

Ludo Bing is another great app to enjoy Ludo with your friends. It lets you play offline matches with the people around you. Thus, you can even enjoy the game without an Internet connection. Well, don’t worry about the online gameplay as it offers you that too.

download ludo games

Create private tables, chat with friends, change gameplay interfaces and what not. Every interesting feature has been added to the multiplayer gameplay. In case you get bored with Ludo, go on for Snakes and Ladders. Also, download compass apps for your Android.

5- Parcheesi

Parcheesi is another great app for playing Ludo. The name “Parcheesi” was basically derived from a Hindi word, “Pachisi”. The word itself means “The game of Ludo”.

best ludo apps

Download the app and enjoy this amazing game with your friends and family. Apart from just playing offline, you can invite your friends to play online as well.

This app lets you convey thoughts and emotions while playing through smileys and emojis. You can also chat with your fellows. One interesting thing about this app is that you can unlock a magic chest for 50k coins.

6- Ludo Party

With a user-friendly interface, Ludo Party has become popular nowadays. This app lets you play with two to four players. No matter if you choose these players to be your friends or the computer. best ludo games

This app has amazing sound effects, funny animations, and great 3D graphics. For kids, it could be unbelievable to play with such effects.

In case, while playing you feel distracted and don’t know what to do, use the AI. It will play the turn on your behalf. Thus, you might be benefitted from this.

7- Ludo Neo-Classic

Ludo Neo-Classic app has something different to offer you. It offers you the traditional and international rules, both. You have the freedom to tweak rules as per your desires.

ludo games

Some of them include getting a 6 will either offer an extra turn or can out your coin. The app also offers you with classic and modern boards, real dice throwing experience and multiplayer support as well. You get the auto-save option to get your game saved at any moment.

8- Ludo Online (Mr. Ludo)

The Mr. Ludo app lets you play the game in amazing surroundings and various different locations. You can either enjoy it with friends or play against the computer when you have nobody around to play.

best ludo apps


This app offers you with impressive emoticons, Leaderboard, Expressive mode, and VIP status. Apart from being played online, you can play offline with your friends or family.

In case, any of you get fed up with the game, stop it and resume it later with ease. Also, download paid apps for free with blackmart apk.

9- Ludo

This Ludo app is one of the best apps for playing Ludo with your loved ones on Android smartphones. You have levels to choose from easy, normal and hard. The interface of this app has a classic ludo designed board.

best ludo games

Also, it supports 11 different languages. Thus, you can play your favorite game in your favorite language. Interesting, isn’t it?

10- Ludo 3D Multiplayer

This Ludo playing app has something unique to offer you. It offers you with a lot of sweet characters like snowman, platypus, bear, etc. You can choose your favorite animal and use it as the token for the game.

best ludo games

You can play with friends, offline and online, and with the computer too. This app supports 10 languages for easy access to all settings and features.

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Final Verdict

Phew… That was an astonishing compilation of 10 best Ludo games for Android that you should definitely try. Share your thoughts with us regarding these apps in the comment section below.

In case, we missed to include your favorite app, do let us know. We will try to include it in the future. For more impressive content like this, keep following [Geekveno.com]:”)

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