Top 10 Best Compass Apps for Android Smartphones

Do you want to get the best compass apps for Android?  one of the best ways to get relaxed from a busy life is to go for an adventure trip. When it comes it adventure trip, you should try woods. The wild adventure trips are pretty fun.

best compass apps

Whenever you go on any of such trips a the best compass apps becomes your first priority. Navigation in woods and mountainous regions could be pretty difficult without a compass.

With advancements in technology, you don’t need to carry a traditional physical compass. As long as you use an Android smartphone, a virtual compass will be always there to save you. Thus, everyone owning a smartphone will be aided with the help of a best compass apps. Recently I have shared, How to use dual WhatsApp accounts?

But with a flooded list of Compass Apps on Play Store, it would be difficult for you to pick the best one. Don’t worry regarding this. This post will walk you through the 10 best Compass Apps for Android Smartphones. Learn piano with best piano apps.

10 Best Compass Apps for Android

1- Gyro Compass

Gyro Compass is one of the most popular compass apps for Android out there. With the help of GPS, the app has the ability to navigate you through directions. Using the magnetic field, the app displays you the North direction. With the help of this, you can navigate the other directions too with ease.

compass apps

This works even in offline mode. Thus, the app could be pretty helpful in regions where you don’t have good enough data connection. The app is user-friendly with a simple design. Majority of the features and options are provided on the home screen itself. Play ludo games on Android.

Check out the Gyro Compass App on Play Store from here.

2- Compass 360 Pro

Compass 360 Pro is another great app for navigation in various regions across the globe. A lot of apps available on Plat Store just work in the US and Australia, but this one works in the majority of the regions worldwide. To get accurate directions, this app uses the compass sensor available on the device. Majority of the smartphones nowadays have this sensor.

best compass apps

The Compass 360 Pro app works both online and offline. Once you have downloaded the app, using the GPS and compass sensor, it can help you in navigation across the woods, mountains, etc. The app is free to use, however you can buy the paid version for extra features.

Check out the Compass 360 Pro app on Play Store from here.

3- Compass Plus

Compass Plus, as the name suggests, is another app available on Play Store for accessing a virtual compass. The app has a pretty minimal design along with personalization options available according to your smartphone. The app is pretty simple to use with an HD option for graphics.

best compass apps

No matter if you are in woods, near rivers or in mountainous regions this app will be pretty helpful for you to navigate with ease. Apart from just getting appropriate directions, the app also provides you with the current weather. Though the Compass Plus app is free to use, you can get the paid version as well for extra astonishing features.

Check out the Compass Plus app on Play Store from here.

4- Smart Compass

Smart Compass is one of the most popular compass apps for both the Android and the iOS users. The app aids you in taking the right direction without using the data connection. Unlike other compass apps, this app has the ability to display four cardinal directions using the compass sensor present on your device.

compass apps for android

Using the compass sensor and GPS, the app can find your exact direction and navigate you to the destination with ease. The app has the option of switching the camera on in order to get a real view around you. Thus, you will get more appropriate directions.

Check out the Smart Compass app on Play Store from here.

5- Accurate Compass

Being a lightweight app, Accurate Compass is an amazing Compass app for Android users. The app has a 3D view for the compass to provide you with accurate directions. Thus, even if you don’t hold the phone towards the ground, the compass will still work perfectly. This app works similar to a traditional physical compass.

compass apps for android

The app will be pretty useful in navigating through directions and bearing the distance of objects far away from you. Unfortunately, you need a data connection for using the majority of the services of this app. Prank your friends with SMS Bomber.

Check out the Accurate Compass app on Play store from here.

6- Altimeter GPS

Altimeter GPS is not only a popular compass app but also a barometric altimeter for Android smartphones. The app has got four unique maps for the Mountaineers and trekkers. With the place search option, the app could be pretty useful. Apart from this, it has the ability to track your step count as well.

compass app for android

Thus, this app is one of the best navigation apps for travelers and mountaineers as it can tell altitude, direction, and step count.

Check out the Altimeter GPS app on Play Store from here.

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7- Simple Compass

Simple Compass is another astonishing app for navigation on Android smartphones. With the help of the compass sensor and magnetic declination, it tries to provide you best possible accurate directions. The app can work in offline mode. Thus, it could aid the guys who love to travel in the woods and mountains.

best compass apps

The app has got a stylish minimal design with an easy to use interface. This is one of the best apps to get directions relative to the geographical North.

Check out the Simple Compass app on Play Store from here.

8- Real Compass Navigation

Real Compass Navigation is another great app for travelers for getting directions and distances. The app has got different modes for getting you directions- Live Map, GPS mode, Satellite, Night vision, Telescope, Standard mode and a lot more.

best compass apps

Apart from using the app for navigation, you can use it as a GPS app on your smartphone. The app has the ability to display your current location and navigate you accordingly. Also, you can share your current location through this app on various social media platforms.

Check out the Real Compass Navigation app on Play Store from here.

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9- Digital Compass

Digital Compass is another app built for navigation among different regions across the globe. Being popular for its simplicity, the app has a simple northern direction indicator. With the help of the north direction, you will be able to find the other directions with ease. The app requires a compass sensor for operating the services.

best compass apps

Apart from getting directions, the app can detect the metal near you as well. Also, you can use the map for using the map to get more accurate directions.

Check out the Digital Compass app on Play Store from here.

10- Wind Compass

The Wind Compass is the last item on our list. The app is pretty useful to get the wind directions. Being popular for providing wind directions, you can also get the geographical directions using the compass option. With an easy to use interface the app can switch the wind speeds in a wide variety of parameters.

compass app for android

Apart from this, the Wind Compass app can also provide you info regarding the temperature and weather forecast on your phone.

Check out the Wind Compass apps on Play Store from here.

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Final Verdict

Phew… That was a long list of best compass apps for Android smartphone users. Apart from just getting appropriate direction with compass, all of them have some unique info to provide you. These apps are pretty useful and helpful for travelers, mountaineers, and trekkers.

Which best compass apps are you going to use from this list? Do let us know in the comment box below. Also, feel free to drop your suggestions, feedback, and queries in the comment box below. We will try to respond you as soon as possible 🙂

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